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About Cubic Collectibe

About our Collective

Wherever you are, everyone sees the world through their own lens. Cubic Collective is born out of the will to bring these different perspectives to light. Remco Nagztaam, after publishing multiple magazines by himself, initiated this collective in order to achieve this effort of combining viewpoints. We all bring our own approach. Eli Dijkers focuses on street photography, Jildo-Tim Hof combines the imagery of fiction and non-fiction, Maartje Punt employs a documentary approach with her smartphone, Thijs Hupkens finds his perspective in the social domain and Remco Nagztaam centers around portraiture. 

As a group of five photographers, we set out to discover different European cities and present our combined perspectives to you. 

As photographers, we do not just capture the world. Our different perspectives apprehend images others may have never seen or experienced. ‘Homebound’ is thus not a documentation of places, it shows what we see in our surroundings. It is not an introduction to us, but our first chapter. In which we all show our perspectives on our own vicinity, and what is near to us. 

Starting at the highest longitude and ending at the lowest, the collective takes you through what is close to them. You will be seeing more of us in the future, as this is just the beginning.