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Eli Dijkers
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Eli Dijkers

Eli Dijkers


Eli Dijkers (1978) was born and raised in The Netherlands. Within photography, he explores humanity as he experiences it. His images appeal to sensory perception more than to that of the mind. By using black and white, contrast or grain, a parallel world is being created. An abstract. A world in which light and darkness are allowed to exist side by side.

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2021 Duo-exhibition with seldomly exhibited photographs of Henri Cartier-
Bresson. The exhibition will be held during the G20 summit of foreign
affair ministers and is in collaboration with Porta Coeli Gallery.
Matera, Italy.

2021 Light the Light (shared exhibition with Neo Zhao). Pusu Art Space
in the 1862 Art Center of Shanghai Boat House on the North Bund
Shanghai.In collaboration with Moyi Art & Dutch Embassy.
Shanghai, China.

2021 14th International Photography Festival. Levice, Slovakia.

2020 Art Plus Shanghai International Art Fair (shared). Shanghai, China.

2018 De Kunsthal, Museum of Contemporary Art (solo). March – September. Rotterdam, NL

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