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Jildo-Tim Hof
  -    -  Jildo-Tim Hof


2020 the year in which you were expected to move as little as possible. The NDSM is a place that always seems to be under construction and moving. Everything here seems to be ‘temporary’ or in transition. The graffiti is ‘temporary’. For users of the ferry service, it is a ‘temporary’ stop for transit. Construction is everywhere around you and whole areas are being transformed at a rapid pace. COVID-19’s restrictions were also ‘temporary’, we hoped. For me as well this place is a stop in between. Since I still live here in my student apartment, which I was able to extend ‘temporarily’ due to COVID-19. ‘Temporality’ provides the need for certainty. But you can’t control certainty and sometimes it needs some time.


This series is a navigation through the landscape of the NDSM area. I have considered making the invisible visible by looking at shadows, structure and abstraction.