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About Homebound

Belfast, Ireland would have been our first stop, so we thought. Unfortunately, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, our plans were altered. In the passing months, we have been confronted more than ever by the impact of distance and the power of your own neighbourhood. History is in the making; we feel it in our bones. That is why we decided to act on it and seize the conditions of life amidst a pandemic, capturing the history of the future.  

In this issue called ‘Homebound’, we make our debut by interpreting these ubiquitous themes of vicinity and distance. All five of us have captured our surroundings within a one-kilometer radius. Even though we come from different regions and the series that constitute this edition are quite contrasting in nature, they are all part of a bigger picture. What connects us is the fact that each one of us has captured what is close to them.




Eli Dijkers | A Clot in Time




Jildo-Tim Hof | Seconds




Maartje Punt | (Dis)comfort of Darkness




Thijs Hupkens | Windows & Salutations




Remco Nagtzaam | I Love You